Thursday, January 24, 2013

My prediction

I have decided to make my prediction for the next food trend.  If you are familiar with my predictions you know that they do not mean anything.  We have seen cupcakes, doughnuts and pies.  My prediction for the next trend is biscuits.  They can be made in many ways, they fit in your hand.  You can have them from breakfast to dinner.  Have them plain or with butter, honey, jam or gravy. They can even be made into little hand sandwiches.  They are a comfort food.  They are an American tradition.  You can even have them with your coffee on your commute.  To get things started I made a batch and was able to convince myself.  This was from a recipe I found on the Internet.  My next example will be my great grandmother's recipe.  Try making some tonight and tell me you do not agree.

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mariko said...

One of the most popular restaurants here is a biscuit place!!