Thursday, May 30, 2013

Long time, no post

Wow.  Well I guess that was one long silence.  I have been very neglectful about posting anything here.  I have actually been doing a lot of planning for that big new project I have been working on for over a year now.  Really, it just seems like I have been being lazy.  I forgot to start posting things when the rummage season began which is about a month ago.  In fact, the flea market season has already begun.  I recently went to Cedarburg to find a few things.  I purchased these metal industrial drawers.  Originally, I was only going to buy one or two for myself, but the guy gave a price for the entire huge box xo I bought them all.  I am hoping to just keep a couple for myself and then sell the rest on Etsy. 

I think that people might be into having some of these old things.  Do you agree?

OK, this is one of  those times when I question whether I have lost it or not.  I was really interested in this wood bowl.  I think it is really cool and would work great for display purposes.

My Mom could not understand what I was thinking.  Do you think this bowl is interesting or have I gone over the edge?


mariko said...

It's a great bowl! It would be nice as a nut tray or for various tiny objects.

Paul Furman said...

Very impressive and beautiful bowl!