Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A very roundabout way that a sewing machine chose me

This is the story about how I spotted one thing and ended up with something completely accident.  About a week ago I was at a flea market and I spotted this nice workbench that had been made out of the bottom of a treadle sewing cabinet and a nice thick butcher-block top.  I was easily seduced by its sturdiness and look.  I looked at the price tag $200.  It really did not matter because it was already sold.  Somehow I got it in my brain that I could just make one on my own.  I already had the butcher block, so all I needed to do was find the base at another flea market  No problem.  Plus, it would only cost a portion of that asking price.  Now I had it filed away in my brain with the thousands of other things to look for.  Recently, I have begun to attend auctions.  This is completely new to me.  The first time I actually sat there for several hours before wimping out.    I ended up leaving with nothing because the prices were just too high for me.  I was much more successful the second time around.  I realized that I just needed to leave an absentee bid.  First, I did not have to sit around there for hours on end.  Second, it guaranteed that I would never be tempted to go above the price limit  I had set for myself.  It worked.  I ended up with a box full of unrelated stuff that was actually a goldmine for me.  I guess you just never know.  Fast forward to last week.  Another auction.  I spy an empty treadle sewing cabinet at the preview.  I make sure to try and lift it myself to test if I will be able to get the thing home.  I leave my very low bid and I find out the next day that I have won with that very low bid.  Really?!
When I pick it up I realize that I had not really paid any attention to the condition of the cabinet because I was set on cannibalizing it for my workbench.  Well, that all changed upon closer inspection.  The cabinet is in such beautiful condition that I could no longer take it apart. Look at that wood.   Now what?  I decided I had to hold out until I found a sewing had to fit that cabinet.  Really, I was in no hurry.
on Friday I decided to drop off some donations to the Goodwill drop-off center.  When I leave it, the guy gives me a coupon for 25% off of my next purchase.  OK.  I go to lunch at Misoya and then decide to make a quick stop at the Goodwill nearby to look for some specific jars I need.  No jars, but something even better.  Sitting on a shelf was this beautiful Singer 15-91 screaming for me to take it home and put it in my new cabinet.  Plus, I had that newly acquired coupon in my pocket turning this find into a real bargain.

Look at how pretty she is with all of her gold accents.  The paint is in beautiful condition.

This was one of my best accidental and timely finds so far.  It seems to work fine, but I will eventually take it to the Singer place to have it checked out.  It was also converted to n electric motor, but I think I might have that taken off so I can use it with the treadle.  I will keep the motor for future use should I change my mind.

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