Monday, November 18, 2013


I tried out Dak the other day and was pleasantly surprised.
I guess I have to apologize about forgetting to take these pictures before we started eating.  So, you do get more food than what is pictured.  Those wings are about the size of a chicken breast.  Huge.  The wings on the left had the spicy sauce and the wing on the right has the Dak sauce.

Again, this was after a big portion had been eaten.  This is the chicken rice bowl.  You can always click on the link and view beautiful photos from their website.

  The flavor profiles were a little different from the traditional Korean food I am used to eating.  I like a little spin on my food every now and then.  All of the food was very tasty.  The portions are very large so be prepared to eat or take some home.

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mariko said...

Holy dak!