Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Every so often I drop by a local auction to check out the offerings.  I think it is hit or miss, but I guess most treasure hunting is hit or miss.  The first time I went I actually stayed and sat for a few hours observing the bidding.  After that, I decided I was much better off doing absentee bidding.  First, because I do not have to sit there for 7 hours.  Second, because I can set the limit on my bid and there is no temptation to go higher because I am not there to place the higher bid.  I have had some success with auctions.  I enjoy the hunt and you just never know what you'll see and what you might win.
UPDATE:  The results are in so I have added the realized prices.  The prices were sort of high last night.

There is always a large selection of art.  I have actually had some success winning a nice lot of antique Japanese woodblock prints.

There is also usually a nice selection of rugs.  I wish I had more knowledge in this area.  Still, I have seen some really nice rugs go for as little as $20.  So, here are some of the interesting things I saw during my quick look at the auction this week.

I really liked this Danish table and chairs, but I have no need or space for it.  I have a feeling I would be outbid anyway.

A very cool pair of drafting stools.

Oooh.  Chrome mushroom lamp.

Paul McCobb chair.
This did not sell.  The reserve must have not been met.

This picture is deceiving.  These two brass globe light fixtures are COOL.  You cannot tell, but they are about 2  to 2 1/2 feet high.  They would go perfectly in my imaginary loft in my head.

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