Saturday, September 22, 2007


I found this beauty at a church sale this morning. It is a vintage hat from Marshall Fields. I adore hats. I especially adore vintage hats. The tragedy of it all is that I cannot wear hats. I do not have the head or face that are complimented by chapeaux. I try. Trust me, I try. Just like those wicked step sisters tried to cram their gargantuan feet into Cinderella's sleek glass slipper, I will try on hat after hat hoping that when I turn to glance in that mirror I will be greeted by a new me with a stunning topper. Never happens. Still me with the round face and the big head. Actually, it is not even so much the shape of my head that ruins the presentation, but the large amount of curly hair that tops it. So, I just try to satisfy myself by purchasing hats that will never adorn my head. Oh, they do in my dreams. Those dreams inside my over-sized head.

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