Saturday, December 01, 2007

Holiday Ornament Swap 2007

Penguin Choir

These are the ornaments I made for the swap this year. I waited to post these pictures until I thought that the people in my swap group had received their ornaments. I had actually designed a completely different ornament for the swap, but I had to do some very quick rethinking and designing when I discovered that I was in an international group this year. The original ornaments had the possibility of breakage and were a little bit heavier so I decided it was best to start over. I then could not decide between the two new ornaments. So, I decided to make and send both. Again, I was worried that something would happen in the mail so I sent two just to be sure.
When I had finished making all of them and I lined them all up they made me laugh. I hope that they made my fellow swappers laugh as well.
I added the quarter for scale

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