Monday, May 05, 2008


This has been the beginning of a week of bargains for me. I went to the grocery store and they had these sad looking flowers in a bucket as a "manager's special" for $1.49. They were not dead, just in need of a little refreshment. I brought them home, cut them and put them in a nice vase. A little bit later they had completely revived.

This week also marked the beginning of the church rummage sale season in these parts. I get a rush just thinking about them. I have far too many pictures to post to add them all in one day. I will have to spread them out over time. These lovely boots below were at the first sale I went to at lunch on Friday. They look nice and worn in, but they actually are in excellent condition. I had to have them I especially had to have them for $2.

I am trying to edit my purchases, but it can be hard when you are in the middle of the heat of the hunt. I also found this owl bell. I really only have two other owls. They were a gift from a great craft friend I found met through one of those holiday swaps. They are, by far, the coolest owls I have ever seen. I will have to post a picture sometime. This has helped curb my owl purchases because nothing seems to compare to the owls that she gave me. I bought this little guy because I thought he looked pretty neat.

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