Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The C Word

I know that it is the middle of the summer and the heat is on, but I have found that in the past week or so I have had to invoke the "C" word. That is right. Christmas. It was not intentional. Completely accidental. It all began when I spotted these new red velvet Doc Martens at the thrift store. I do not know if I have mentioned that I am constantly shopping out of season. My most favorite item of all is this luscious cashmere scarf that I bought for 75% off in the middle of a very hot summer day in July. I will buy things and pack them away in my closet until it is the correct season and then unwrap them as if they are an indulgent present to myself. I digress. These boots were the just the beginning into the Noel foray.

I then discovered this beautiful embroidered tablecloth. Again, for some reason my mind jumped to all of the holiday items I could create. Bags, stockings, toys... There were a few stains but I figured I could try and get them out and if I was unsuccessful I would just work around them. When I took it to the cashier he noticed the stains and marked it down to under a buck. Score.

Today, on my way home from work I spotted these in a large bag. I really have no use for clothespins. My thoughts went to the annual ornament swap and the possibilities that lurked within this bag.

The possibilities are endless. I am sure that I will change my mind a thousand times before I actually make them and send them out to the swap participants.
Just looking at them gets the ideas racing.

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