Saturday, July 26, 2008

Damage control

I am supposed to be purging! All of this before 9 today. I was going to get groceries when I stopped by a sale and found these. The lamps were 3 bucks each and the owl was a quarter. I also grabbed a bunch of vintage fabric for a buck and a box of vintage sewing patterns. (You see, this is how it happens. I only had 4 patterns in my hand for .25 each and the woman convinced me to go back and get the entire box for free. This is why i have so much stuff and now have the need to purge everything.) I now officially have too many lamps and too many chairs. I am going to have to post a grouping in the future so that I can display all of them and then figure out which should go where in the house. So, I am purging from now on. I have officially slapped myself on the wrist. Oh, wait. There is one more sale tomorrow. I have to go and try to get a pendant lamp for b. and her new place....but I will still be purging as well. I promise.

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