Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday = Dim Sum

I am going to start at the end and move backwards. This is where I ended up. Dim sum. I would have normally preferred to go to Chinatown, but sometimes we just settle for what is closest.

We sit there and order what we normally do and by the end I always end up saying, "Why did we come back here? Why didn't we just go to Chinatown?" Ahhh, short term memory.

I think that one of the reasons might be that it is also closer and easier to get our grocery shopping done. I know that I should be thankful that I have access to any of the Chinese groceries that I might need to purchase on my weekly outings, but it sure would be great if you could just get everything you need at your regular neighborhood grocer.

As we were leaving the restaurant and headed to the grocery store I had to stop and shoot the food window display. I always wonder what it might be like to work in the place that creates the various pieces of plastic foods.

Now back to where I began. After teaching class this morning I headed to this yard sale because it had been highlighted at least twice in Apartment Therapy. I knew it was going to be swarmed with people. Due to class, I could not make it there in time for the opening bell at 9. I was there about 9:45. There was still some stuff left, but almost everything from the FLickr page was gone. I heard there was a very long line resulting in a mob scene when it first opened. I purchased a a shelf, this carved cork scene, and this Quan Yin statue.

I know that I am supposed to be purging at this moment. I have only been through one day (4.5 to go) and I am already mentally fatigued. There is now a stack of boxes and bags in my hallway, making it unpleasant to maneuver. It will only get worse. I still have the kitchen and other bedroom to get through before I begin to tackle the storage space. I now ponder the most inane questions such as "Should I put the martini and wine glasses in the kitchen cabinets or box them for storage? You know, martini glasses suck up a lot of space." I feel like I am Rocky in the middle of a prize fight. I am in sitting in my corner and I do not want to go back into the ring. I need Mickey to rub my shoulders and give me words of encouragement before pushing me back into the ring to face my fight. Oh, I am wimping out.
I am going ready to go back in for another round. I may not post again until after the last round. Wish me luck.

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