Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I need to channel my inner Martha

I have a new little decorating/craft project to think about. I am going to need to decorate this large conference room so that it will look suitable for a casual board meeting dinner. It is really just one large room with a HUGE conference table in the middle. The one side of the room is composed of large windows. I was thinking about some sort of table runner and then different (short) floral arrangements the length of it. I am thinking of simple cylindrical glass vases with leaf wraps and flowers. I have not thought about any other embellishments yet. There is also a sideboard where the food will be laid out. I am going to try and get a second table in their for food and beverages so everyone is not hovering like vultures around the one sideboard. I think that it can be made to look rather nice. You see, it should be around dusk and the best thing about the whole place is the view......
We will have a panoramic view of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier. We will dine right above Lake Shore Drive.

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