Sunday, August 10, 2008

First thing in the morning

Are you like me? Is this what you see first thing in the morning, every morning?

I open my eyes and instantly smile every morning because of this. The sad thing is that I only think about how much it means to me when a situation arises. Tomorrow, the four-legged one will have to undergo surgery. We have tried for months to get his eye injury to heal and it has not worked. He has a small growth under his eyelid that is hindering the healing process. Sounds small, but he still has to undergo anesthesia, etc.
I realized that this put me into a major stress mode. I usually am not a stress eater, but a stress shopper. I bought this at the Goodwill right after we left the vets office.

Now, I think that it can easily be surmised that I have no real need for another lamp. (Please see the previous post about editing my lamps). It is really pretty though...and big...40 inches. I am not sure whether I will use the original shade or make a new one with a nice printed fabric.

Surgery is in the morning and he can come home in the evening. I will have all day to wait. Stay tuned for more unplanned purchases....

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