Sunday, August 03, 2008

Trying to stay focused

I am trying to stay focused and upbeat, but it is hard. They never arrived on Friday to pick up all of my purged items. I was incredibly mad and still am a bit. I just do not think it is courteous to say that you will arrive between 12 and 4 and then not show up. It makes it even worse that I phoned at 3:45 to be sure they were still coming and was told that they were. I waited until about 8 pm before I gave up. For now, I am going to try and let it go and then have a cocktail after I finish typing this.
In order to stay focused, I decided I needed to start taking an inventory of what I have and how I am going to re-decorate. Today I have documented most of the lamps. I have others, but these are the ones I will be working with for now.

I almost forgot about the orange one when I was shooting.

In the living room I also have two large table lamps that will stay there. One of them is the Boka Lamp and the other is a vintage lamp very similar to the Kathryn Lamp in a very smoky grey. The Ikea pendant lamp shown at the top is still undecided. I am thinking of using it to replace the chandelier lamp in the kitchen, but that is still up in the air.

I am now going to take some deep breaths and a good swig.

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