Wednesday, August 06, 2008

In with the good air, out with the bad...

I really thought that I would be so excited and happy with the results of my purge after the stuff was hauled away by the Salvation Army, but it was not to be. First, they never showed up on the scheduled day. I waited over the weekend to call again and re-schedule. They arrived late yesterday afternoon and proceeded to ruin my happy purging. I am so angry about it that I cannot even write it out today. It was not the Salvation Army as a whole, but just the driver who picked up my stuff. Normally, I would not call in to complain about someone, but this was so inappropriate that I did. I spoke to a couple of people and I feel much better. It was simply outrageous behavior.

OK, so now I am going to focus on the accomplishment of my purge and get back to re-decorating etc.
I found these decaying leaves while walking the beast today. Their skeletons are so beautiful. I do not think the scan really does them justice. I am just going to look at them and take a deep breath.

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