Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back to school

I will not say how many years it has been since I was in school. Even graduate school. For as long as I can remember I have always had nightmares around the same time every year. It always happens right around back to school time (September) and it always has to do with some nightmare in which I have not been to school all year long. So much so that I will not graduate. It continued through college and even the many years of graduate school. I will never forget my relief and joy the first time I had the recurring nightmare and realized that I was an adult with various degrees and did in fact finish school. The funny thing is that I have never had any particular anxiety about school. I have always loved it and always loved the challenge it offered me. I have no idea why I have always had these dreams. Well, one would think that these would subside by now. No such luck. I just had one at the end of last week. I was back on my college campus. Same deal.
Just to remind myself what it was like to buy those new back to school items, I bought this for myself at the thrift store last week. It has just enough room so that I will not be tempted to over stuff it and strain my shoulder. I also like the patina it has from being used.

Now for some Fall back to school clothes....

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