Sunday, September 07, 2008

Countdown to Martha

I have completed the shopping and have begun the countdown. In fact, I am going to start from the end and work my way forward. This is what one of the final color combinations will probably look like:

Don;t pay attention to the composition because I really did not spend time putting it together. Also, the shape of the vase is all wrong. I just wanted to see what the possible color options would look like together.
This is another possibility:

The other options are a large vase of snowballs with some contrast of the green leaves for the side board. Also, the possibility of two of the ball vases with only white lilies. I also have yet to pick any of the white flowers from the hostas that are on the side of my building. Those will add height and a pure clean white to the mix.
Many of the choices I had made previously have changed. The small plums were now twice the price so I had to purchase the much larger ones. The white flowers from last week were narrowed to only the choice of the ones I purchased as well as the white lilies. Everything else was not available this week. After my floral purchases were complete, I decided that I might be in need of some more filler flowers in another texture. (Sound the trumpets) That is when my Mom said she would go pick me some snowballs. They are absolutely huge.

I like the way that the plums look in the water.
I like the way that the color combinations work together. They are not too vibrant and they are simple enough to make a subtle difference in that large room.

So, I have no idea what the final arrangements will look like, but I think that no two will be alike. These are all of the options that I now have in my hands. I will try and take pictures of the finished product. Wish me luck.

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