Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Friday!...a little too much time on my hands

I admit it. It was a very slow day and my mind began to wander and then it eventually became obsessed. When I last posted about Gossip Girl, I hypothesized that Blair was trying to start a headband revolution all on her own. Now that I have spent countless hours pondering her headband I have come up with a more sociological analysis (OK, not really) of "the headband".
Let us start at the beginning. From the very first episode, Blair has sported a headband. Take note that she has always had a headband, but her mother mysteriously morphed into another pod person after the first episode. It was like Darren on "Bewitched" or Becky on "Rosanne". I digress.
At first glance, one might think this to be just a smart hair accessory, but it is so much deeper than that. So deep that I did not even notice she was wearing headbands until the last episode of last season.

I think this was due to the incredible enormity of the hair bob, but also because I found it to be absolutely fabulous. This is what started my curiosity about Blair and all of these accouterments.

For those who question how often she sports a head accessory, I offer the assortment below. (I am sorry that some of he pictures were cropped off when the composite was created.)

After much wasted time perusing all of the stills from the CW site, I have created a theory. To you, I posit the following. Blair's headband is a symbol of her power and status within the school as well as a symbol of control over those who surround her. It is the crown on the head of the Queen Bitch. On others, it symbolizes how much control Blair has over them and where they are in the pecking order of the entire group.

Serena helps to prove this point by only sporting a heap piece when she is eating lunch on the steps of the Met with Blair and her sycophants or if she is doing something directly related to Blair ( and the status that comes with it). Otherwise, her hair is doing its own thing. No restraints on those locks.
She did have on diamond headbands at the White Party. This was an event tied to Blair and her status in the Hampton's.

Otherwise, one can note that Serena is usually the one without a headband. This can be witnessed in this group photo:

Now, let's address "the group", "the posse", "the coven". Basically, they are just lemmings, sycophants trying to keep their manicured claws dug into their butt groove on the steps of the Met. Notice her "court" and their headbands below.

One is only wearing a headband when one is welcomed into the coven or has succumbed to the powers of Blair. Wait, maybe it is really a form of mind control. Those headbands have special powers.
Let us examine poor Nellie Yuki from last season. You will notice in the earlier scenes she is relegated to the outside of the circle and does not wear a band.
Later on, as the circle begins to close, she is now dressed in the same uniform as the other two and she also wears her headband.
Another good example of my theory is Jenny. Ahh, the wannabe bee. You may remember that Jenny tried to do anything she could to be asked to stand around the cauldron on Saturday nights. Here she is being asked to "volunteer" at the deb dance. Notice what sits atop her head.
And then, after the virus has taken effect, she proudly dons her headgear on the steps.

Fitting right in with the rest of the Mensa club.

So, to finally prove my point I offer a scene in which Blair does not sport a headband. It is when she is with her father which displaces her from her throne and turns her back into daddy's girl. A situation that completely overturns her position of power.
I know that you are thinking that my theory is complete genius. It took a lot of brain power for me to reach these conclusions. My next GG post will study the connection between the fluctuation of the American economy and whether or not Chuck Bass is wearing a scarf.


mariko said...

Are you sure she doesn't have a headband UNDER the hat? And yeah, the headband, it's like a tiara, but you know, not! Excellent theory!

pupule said...

Hmmm. Good point. I am going to have to go back and check. That was when she was ice skating in Central Park with her Dad and his cute French husband. That girl cannot leave the castle without that tiara.