Thursday, September 11, 2008

The hits keep comin'....

A couple of days before the church sales I was trolling Craigslist and found a listing for a yard sale that was in the same suburb. I googled the map and found that it was in a very out of the way neighborhood so I figured nobody would find it. It started at 9 a.m. while the other sales began at 7 a.m. so I would be able to get there early enough. I was intrigued by the shape of this chair:

From the only picture in the ad it looked nice with great possibilities. Had there been more pictures of this chair, I might have been in a greater hurry to get to this sale and purchase it. Not only was this sale on an out of the way side street, it was also lacking proper signage. It did not take much to get lost. There were very few signs and what signs they had were not only small, but lacking directional arrows. If I had not wanted to see the chair, I would have given up. I am glad I persevered. Look at the beautiful shape. I had no idea from their picture that it had such a great shape or that it had the molded wood on the back. I also had no idea that I would get it for such a great price. The same price as my fabulous table. $15.

Since it is made of the same materials as the Eames lounge chair, I can pair it with the Eames style ottoman that I picked up next to the dumpster a few years ago. I think that this will work much better for me because it will not take up as much space as the lounge chair.

Another item I have been looking for is a small shelf to use in my kitchen. I wanted somewhere to place my cookbooks and (possibly) dog treats. I had purchased a cheap bookshelf at a garage sale that I was going to spray paint. While I was at the second church rummage sale I spotted this:

I loved its small mid century feet (not visible in this shot) and the fact that it holds your books at an angle just like a library cart. Compared to the prices on the other furniture at this particular sale, it was a bargain ($5). I have not decided if I will use it in the kitchen or if it will b better suited for my bedroom. Either way, I love the design.

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