Friday, October 10, 2008

happy friday

This is just one of those rambling posts. It is Friday so I thought I would share a pic of these little bird salt and pepper shakers I recently found at a rummage sale. They just make me happy sitting on my kitchen table all cheery.
It is also a happy Friday because my high school reunion was last weekend. The last time I went I had a great time. I decided not to go because most of the people I was looking forward to seeing were not going to attend. I e-mailed a boy I used to get into all kinds of trouble with when we were in grade school. Never anything bad, we were just always in hysterics together. He was not going to the reunion either, but we agreed to meet tonight to catch up. I am so excited to see him. It really takes me back to when we were carefree and stupid. It should be loads of fun.
This is where the rambling begins. I took the picture below last weekend. I wanted to record the moment. Almost my entire life I have had long nails. I used to get regular manicures, but that sort of went to the wayside when I didn't want to spend the cash anymore. I continued to do my own nails. About 4 years ago that all changed when I started massage work. I had to cut my nails down as far as possible. You have to try and make sure that there is no white showing and then file away. You don't want your client feeling any scratching during their session.
I have a group of regular clients which keeps me maintaining my cropped nails. During the summer, they tend to go away on vacations or spend every free moment participating in any and every outdoor activity. So, I had a small hiatus over the last month or so. All of a sudden, I got a request for three sessions over the weekend. I took this picture and then it was "bye-bye" nails.

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kay* said...

i usually go between long and short as well - depends on how i'm feeling. and those salt & pepper shakers are gorge! like little pieces of art. you have a great eye for vintage finds.