Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This time it was an accident.....I swear

As I posted earlier, I raided not one, but three church sales last week. It turned out that one of the sales on Saturday was where I scored. I swear to you that this was not an intentional score. This was an accidental score. I was looking through one of the furniture rooms and I found a neat side table to use in my bedroom. As I was meandering through a small hallway leading to other rooms in the church I saw this rather large table. At the end of it were two chairs stacked on top of one another. I decided to investigate. The room was not very well lit. The shape of the chairs resembled the Eames shell side chairs. I picked them up to check them out. I turned them over to look for any markings and more importantly, a price. Nothing. I decided that I was happy with their shape and did not care if they were truly Eames chairs or not. I found one of the workers and asked her if they were for sale. She said that she must have missed them and asked if I would be willing to pay $4 each. Yes!!! I was pretty darn happy.

Once I got them into the car and into the light of day I was so pleased with the color combination. I really love the bright turquoise.

As you can see, they are in very good condition.

So, here's the kicker. I was stopped at a stop light when I was telling my Mom that I loved the chairs and how I had found a sticker indicating that they had originally belonged to the Dept. of Public Health. I turned to point to the bottom of the chair....and there it was. Herman Miller. The impression stamp was not visible in the poor lighting inside. So, I scored two vintage padded Eames Herman Miller DSSN chairs for $4. :)


kay* said...

okay. it's official. i'm super jealous. like super, super jealous. what a freakin' fantastic score! literally the best one yet i'd say!

also - re your comment on my blog - yes i was looking at a credenza but everytime i contact the seller i'm too late...even if it's just a few hours after its been posted :( and i was eyeing that sofa i posted about earlier but i'm not 100% sold yet...i'm still debating it :)

M. said...


What beautiful chairs!