Sunday, November 09, 2008

Halloween story

Remember those spooky stories about that one particular house that would get started among the kids in the neighborhood? It was the one house that none of the kids would walk past alone. You know, it circulated for years and all of the adults poo-pooed it away telling you that the story was ridiculous and you were just being silly? Well, maybe not.
This story just happened here the other day. I am usually not one of those curiosity seekers, but this morning I had to drive past the house to see it. There is nothing different about it. It is a very nice sized house in a very nice neighborhood. I am sure there were no spooky tales circulating among the local youth. I bet that there will be some now. This house did participate in trick or treating on Halloween. By the way, when the article says "some time", they mean a very long time. They released news stating that one of the siblings is believed to have been dead since the 1980's. Can you imagine the willies running up and down your spine if you ever trick-or treated at this house? Sometimes those ridiculous kids tales end up being not so ridiculous.

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