Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend projects

This weekend we received a large system of chilly air from our neighbors to the north. This was good because it actually made me stay inside and do some of the millions of things I have been putting off.
I cannot remember when I purchased these window coverings from Ikea, but it was awhile ago. I have these doors which lead to the second bedroom that I use as my office/workroom. I realized that when it does finally get used as a guest bedroom, the visitor might not appreciate the fact that you can see through these curtains. I also realized that I could camouflage the incredible pile of supplies and junk I have thrown in this room.

I found that these window shades were the perfect width for these windows. I just needed to sew them to slip onto the curtain rods. I finally sewed and installed them this weekend. I like the pop of color they add. (Everything in my house is pretty neutral)

I partially finished the ornaments I am using in the ornament exchange this year. I just have to add the finishing touches. I might also work up a second ornament as well.
I also started getting things ready for a re-stock of my Etsy store. I have almost everything shot. I just need to upload and enter all of the info. I need to stop procrastinating. Was anyone else out there productive this weekend?

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