Monday, January 05, 2009

DIY accessory experiment

For several months I have been wanting one of these ginormous funnel neck scarves that I see several of the euro girls wearing on the street. Of course, I can no find any of the photos to show you. I found this one on Copenhagen Street Style. The one she is wearing is not quite as large and sculptural as the others I had seen on Facehunter and the Sartorialist. They were super large. This example will have to suffice until I can find a better one.

Anyway, I can knit, but I am not a very advanced knitter. I would not be able to make cable stitches, etc. I thought that I could duplicate these scarves, but I wanted to try and find a way to recycle things that I might find at the thrift store. Below are my first attempts. They still need some tweaking. I need to show it on an actual person with some other clothing to give a better idea of how they would look in a complete outfit.

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