Monday, January 05, 2009

Living lush in frugal times

New year....same old crappy economy. I decided to create a post about finding good quality, somewhat luxe items on a budget. Hit the thrift store.

The truth is that we do not have to be in a crappy economy for me to look for a good quality bargain. As you can see from my previous furniture posts, I love a good bargain. I love great design, but I also love having a roof over my head. Recently I had been hitting the thrift stores looking for a few basic fall/winter coats. I had my heavy duty down coat for the ugly days and I found a fur lined overcoat for the cold days when I had to look a little bit more presentable. I wanted something for those days that were a little bit warmer. Something that would function for both work and play. I was set on looking for a pea coat. I did not really want to go to the store and buy a new one. It seemed like a waste of money. I was determined to find one at the thrift store. I used to have a nice J Crew pea coat which I donated a year or so ago to the Salvation Army because it was getting a little big. I know. It was a stupid move. I should have just kept it. So here I was, looking for a pea coat and finding none at the thrift stores. Isn't it always that way?

Finally, a few weeks ago I hit the jackpot. I found this vintage Mackintosh pea coat in pristine condition for $10.

I prefer to buy vintage over new items. Usually. I find that the quality of the vintage items is usually better than that of newer items, especially if they are a good brand. I like the attention to detail, the nice buttons, etc.

I also found this never worn cashmere Donna Karan men's sweater for $4. I am a cashmere whore. I admit it. I have stacks of cashmere in my closet. This sweater is too large for me to wear in public. I am going to wear it in place of my old sweatshirt I lounge around the house in. I figure it is cheaper than a sweatshirt and a whole lot nicer.

I also found this old Coach bag for $4. All it needed was a little mink oil and it was restored to a nice patina. I prefer the old school Coach bags that were based on their saddle work. I know that people prefer the new bags with all of the logos, designs etc. I just love the old basic leather bags. I love them even more if they are worn to a nice soft dark brown. They have a sense of history to them.

I know, I should have been satisfied with one coat. I found another pea coat for $8. When I hit a lucky streak it comes all at once. I decided to just take this one as well. So you see, it is possible to have champagne tastes on a bento budget.


mariko said...

We'll always have Gossip Girl.

pupule said...

Shh! You were supposed to keep that on the down low. I can't have everyone aware that I live vicariously through the fictional lives of rich teen girls.