Friday, January 30, 2009

I've Got A Crush on You

Remember that song by "The Jetts? Ah, yes, I have a crush.....or a "crunch" if you remember Javier from "Felicity". It's a girl crush. Olivia Dunham. Have you watched her? Is she not fab? She dons modern pantsuits and a gun while fearlessly taking on unknown strange medical, scientific phenomenon. Fringe science. She is a modern beauty. Her hair is simple, not fussed over. It is either worn straight or up in a simple ponytail. Her shoes? Made for walking. No heels. She is ready to kick some ass at anytime. She is an intelligent woman unafraid to admit when she has no clue what the hell the geniuses are talking about. She is like Scully, but she knows how to handle a gun, seriously throw down in a fight and doesn't bother with the red lipstick. She takes sh** from no one. The woman never calls for back-up. She goes in alone with a flashlight in her left hand and a gun in her right. No fear. Every time she enters one of those abandoned dark buildings I think to myself, "Hey, did you call for back-up?" (I am a wuss)
You never feel that she needs to prove herself to the big boys. She is obviously superior. She rocks. If you have not watched "Fringe" yet, you must.

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