Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Multi-tasking Superbowl Weekend

I did not only watch football and college basketball all weekend. I didn't! Since I knew I would be in front of the television a good portion of the weekend, I tried to multi-task and get some of my many unfinished projects started. Sewing was at the top of the list. Unfortunately, a weekend of switching between looking down closely at my sewing and then up to the game on television left me with a pair of very tired eyes. I had the idea of turning these new upcycled sofa cushion covers into purses. Good idea, just never completed until now. I had to construct my own liners out of spare fabric I had in my stash. Thus far, I have two of them in the works.

This one is the smaller of the two. I think that they will both have leather straps.

This is the second bag which is a heavy cotton/canvas type fabric with a bright blue liner.
This is another work in progress below. I have several more that I completed. I will share final pics when I finish them all.

Oh. I bought this clock for 5o cents awhile back. It did not work. I bought some clock making parts and put it together only to discover that the stem I purchased stuck out too far from the face. So, it sat. I am not going to tell you for how long. I finally bought the correct size parts and fixed it this weekend. Check another task off the list of millions.

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