Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting "Lucky" at the thrift store

Monday was my day to get "Lucky" at the thrift store. Before the holiday season I had seen this sculpture in either "Lucky" or "Domino" magazine. It was made in Kenya. I had used my little sticker provided in the magazine to mark my place so that I would remember to purchase the sculpture. I never did. I found it at the thrift store for $3.

This was not even the luckiest item of the day. I feel that the item that the sculpture is sitting on is the best item of the day.
I have been looking for a dresser to replace my current small and tall older white dressers in my bedroom. I wanted something in a medium to dark wood. On Sunday, I was running errands and stopped in at a thrift store I hit only every once in awhile since it is not very close to my home. It also happens to be the store where I found my much loved kitchen chairs this past summer. (I will have to post about those in the future.) Anyway, I walked in the door and my radar went straight for this dresser.

Upon further inspection, there was no price. I inquired about the cost and was told that it had just arrived and probably would not be priced until Monday. So, now I was obsessed with it. I needed to borrow my Mom's car because it would not fit into my 2 door.
I was back at the store Monday morning 5 minutes after they opened. A saleswoman was writing a note on the dry erase board. "Today Entire Store 50% off". Woohoo! I headed straight for the dresser (so glad that it was still there). No price. I asked the saleswoman about it and she found out it was $50, but only $25 on Monday. Score! I bought it. I then spent about 20 minutes trying to fit it into my Mom's car. It was wider than I thought.

After carrying it up three flights of stairs to my home I am so very happy with my purchase. Now I need to empty the other dressers and consolidate my stuff into this one. The picture is not the best because I am overrun with furniture and could not back up enough to show the entire piece.

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pupule said...

I am an idiot. I hit the wrong button and it removed your comment instead of publishing it. I will be glad to take you to my thrift stores anytime yuo happen to be in Chicago. :)