Monday, April 06, 2009

Life gets simpler as you get older

I hate to admit it, but as I get older, life gets simpler. My birthday was this past weekend. This was what I saw in the morning when I took the boy for a walk. This was really all I needed for my birthday. I find that I do not ask for much anymore. I am worried that in a few years I will start to say that I am glad to just be breathing. I did find that there were a lot of little things that made me very happy this weekend. I think that in total they were no more than $30.
Something started with this macaron I spotted on Friday. There were only a few in the case at this bakery in the city and I decided to take just one home to try it. Since I knew I was not going to be able to sample these in Paris at Laduree, I was going to give some local versions a try.
This was rose flavored.

Unfortunately, this started a chain reaction which has created a monster - me. On Saturday, I decided to go here where I found these. Luckily, at $1 a pop I will not be indulging in many of these very often. When I do, at least they are small, right?

As I stated earlier, it seems to be the little things that make me happy. Last year I looked all over for some succulent plants. I was only to find a couple of very tiny plants that were very expensive. For some reason, there were no succulents to be found in these parts last year. I went inside Ikea on Saturday. (Just barely inside. I shopped the first few rows on the ground floor). It was mobbed with people in there. I was going to pick up some frames I needed for a project, but could go no further. There was no need. They had all of these beautiful succulent plants for $2.99 each! It was pretty much the highlight of my day.

But, you know I had to hit some thrift stores as well. I found this large old portrait of Mary and had to have it. My Mom thinks I have lost my mind. I do not consider myself to be a religious person, but I just really liked it so I bought it. Please excuse all of the reflections. I shot it in the back seat.

At the same store I scored an old type drawer. This is just what I needed. I cannot tell you how much letterpress type I have sitting in boxes because I have no good way to store it.

I topped it off with a slice of green tea mousse cake from Hippo House Happy Bakery. It is a Japanese bakery inside of Mitsuwa. I know, there is a reason the word "Hippo" is used in the name. I do not need any soothsayers or a chorus to inform me of the path I am headed on in my own personal Greek tragedy. "Pupule, daughter of a vengeful father, put down the fork!" I have indulged in about a months worth of sweets in one weekend.
It was a very good day for me. I am pleased. I also received the choice between 2 large (to me) gifts. I cannot decide between the two. I will talk about that at a later date.


ai said...

Happy birthday. Glad to hear you had a good one. Those macaroons look beautiful. They almost look like they are about to stick their tongues out, though!

pupule said...

Thanks! I think that you have a better variety of macarons where you live. I have looked at a few recipes which are a bit involved. I think that I might try and attempt to make a batch myself in the future.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday! Congrats on all your sweet succulent finds!!!

pupule said...

Thank you!