Friday, May 29, 2009


I realized that I have not posted any old photos from that box of random photos in quite some time. I had to take this to lunch with my Mom and ask her who they are. Actually, I have met two of them. They all look so cute. I just found the picture so interesting because the girls with the Chinese features are dressed in the Chinese outfits while the more Anglo looking girl is in a more American outfit. These are actually all cousins of mine. The two on the ends are my second cousins. Their mothers are sisters of my grandmother. The one in the middle is my third cousin. She is my Mom's first cousin. My cousin on the left us the daughter of my favorite great uncle. He was the greatest. He would spoil you like crazy just because you were you. Even though he is gone, every now I catch a short sighting of him if I am tuned to some classic TV filmed in Hawaii. After my Uncle retired he took to working small TV parts in Hawaii. It is quite amusing. When I tune in to Hawaii Five-O or Magnum PI I will sometimes stumble upon an episode where he is either a small extra in the background or he will have a small speaking role. (He was a slimy bartender in a very early episode of Hawaii Five-o) He was Chinese but he played Chinese, Hawaiian, name it. I will never forget during one of my first visits to Hawaii we had stopped in at my Uncle's house. We were all sitting around visiting when he came through the room wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt, some shorts, a sun hat and a camera around his neck. My Aunt asked him what he was doing. He was going to film Magnum P.I. He said he was going to play a Japanese tourist and he had all of that stuff with him because you got paid extra if you brought your own props. I can see him now and it still makes me laugh. Happy Friday.


ai said...

That is a great picture and a great story. (though I never understand first or second or third cousins. Nobody taught me!)

mariko said...

That is awesome.