Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Word on the look fabulous

Since it had been awhile since I was out and about, I was able to take in the fabulous fashion on the streets. I forgot how much I miss going through the daily commute and enjoying all of the visual stimulation. Years ago I used to see the same woman on the train everyday. She would always be at one of the stations that was a connecting point. She would make my day. That woman had the most wonderful wardrobe and a great eye for putting it together. It was not necessarily an expensive designer wardrobe. She just really knew how to pick her pieces and put them together into an incredible ensemble. Every time. The best part was that she was never dressed in the same mode. One day she would be edgy, the next very classic. It was like a little surprise that would await me everyday when I approached that stop. I never knew what new incredible look she would have prepared for that day. It was a true commuting treat for me. It made the ride less boring and gave me a little fashion inspiration as well.
I spotted the woman above in a very crowded museum. Her ensemble grabbed your attention from across the room. (Look at that coat!) I did not shoot her from the front because I did not want to intrude. You would have seen her classically chic sunglasses, her simply arranged hair and the perfect shoes and bag to complement her outfit. The best part? She worked that outfit while sporting a large black cast on her left foot.

This was taken on the train ride home. Sometimes you just notice someone who looks effortlessly pulled together. I thought that this woman had done it right.

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