Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hello Halo Halo

It is a rare occasion when I eat ice cream because I am lactose intolerant. In general, I rarely indulge in any type of dairy products. So, it is no big thing for me to pass up on a lot of great dessert items. The discomfort that would ensue is a great deterrent for me. I read about this ice cream shop about a year ago. They make all of their own ice cream. They serve Filipino style ice cream flavors and treats. They serve halo halo which is a concoction of flavored shaved ice topped with red beans, white beans, coconut, jackfruit and other tasty items. I was intrigued. I like almost anything made with red bean. Since the weather was sunny and beautiful I decided that it was a good ice cream day. Armed with my dairy supplements to conquer my lactose intolerance, I hit the road.

When I walked in and saw the rainbow of flavors it was hard to decide which to try. I tried a sample spoon of the Avocado which was sweeter than I anticipated. I guess I expected it to taste similar to an Avocado bubble tea. Pomelo sherbet is definitely on my list. They also have sorbets which would solve the dairy issue. I see on their flavor list that they sometimes offer blood orange sorbet. Mmmm.

Oh yeah, I am going to try the Ube - purple yam flavor the next time I visit. Tequila Pomegranate? Interesting. Maybe I will just ask for a taste of it the next time.

I decided to try the halo halo fiesta ice cream which contains red beans, white beans, jackfruit, coconut... I forget the rest of the list. It was sooo good. The vanilla ice cream alone was tasty. My mother had the lychee flavor. These are the kid size scoops. No need for me to graduate to the adult scoop. I am glad that I tried this place out. I think it is a great place to take people who are visiting from out of town.

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ai said...

Cute place!

Sounds like it sucks to be lactose intolerant. :-(