Friday, May 08, 2009

Dye job

Have you ever dyed anything using the unsweetened Kool*Aid packages? I have wanted to try it out for awhile. I usually see posts from people who have used it to dye their yarn. I wanted to try something else.

I have been collecting various doilies and runners over the past few months at rummage sales and thrift stores. My intention was to dye them bright colors in order to cut down on the elderly great aunt factor. I have seen some that were a dark black (I will try that later on) , but it was the bright orange variety that caught my eye. I thought I would try the Kool*Aid method first and if it was not to my liking I would then use the old stand-by.....Rit. I did not follow any specific instructions. I decided to just wing it this time. (Probably a mistake)

I used a spaghetti sauce jar from my recycling bin. I filled it with warm water and added the Kool*Aid. (Remember to use the unsweetened. You do not want to have all of that sugar in your dye).

I added my delicates, closed the jar and left it on the windowsill to brew.
I will show you the results next week. Have a great weekend!

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