Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend stuff

The week was sort of grey both outside and in. I found out that the radiator leak had only worsened after I had the heating company come out to fix it. So, it leaked even more into the unit below me. They did not come out right away (and did not bother to let me know) so I had to wait at home for two entire days waiting for them to show up.
The end of the week and weekend have turned out to be a bit better. I found another egg. The shade of blue is just beautiful.
I hit a couple of rummage sales which was loads of fun. I did pretty well. I controlled my purchases and still came out with some neat things for little cash. I have decided that it really depends on what you are looking for. I did not even get there early and I still found great stuff.
I found this vintage duvet. I am not really a floral person, but I do like old vintage cotton floral fabrics. I will use this during those hot summer months when all I want is some cool cotton on my bed.

This is a beautifully carved wooden whale. It is solid and heavy. Unfortunately, its tail was broken, but I am determined to save it.

I will share some more of my finds in upcoming posts.

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