Monday, May 18, 2009

Rummage from around the world

As I started to sort through my rummage sale purchases I noticed that the one theme throughout was that the majority were vintage items from other countries. There are a few items I bought and I have no idea what they are used for. I just liked the way they looked. Here is a sampling.

Japan - OK, I am not really sure what these are. They look like teeny tiny vases, but they have a cork in the bottom and the openings of the tops are too small to hold anything. I considered salt and pepper, but they are single openings. Then I thought oil and vinegar, but these are made of wood with a lacquer coating. Does anyone have any ideas?

Denmark -
Oh, how I love Dansk. Actually, the silver candelabra is made in France by Dansk.

This older candelabra is made in Denmark by Dansk. I guess I have to go out and stock up on those incredibly skinny candles for both of these.

Germany - How could this lovely vintage casserole still be sitting there at the end of the day?

Italy - OK, I do not know how this owl thing got started, but I am trying to keep a handle on it. The one on the left is a ceramic bank and the one on the right is carved alabaster.

Finland - I could not pass on the enamel metal kids mug and the great Arabia covered sugar. Again, still there at the time of close!

? - I admit it, I have no idea what country these come from. I just bought them because they are so similar to my Kokeshi dolls that I have been collecting. Does anyone have any ideas?


ai said...

Is the opening on top of those orange thingies big enough for a toothpick to go through!? I have absolutely no clue, but they look cute as hell.

pupule said...

Hey Ai:
No, a toothpick will not fit through (I just tried it). I gues I should have mentioned that they are 6 inches and 4 inches tall. I thought that they might have a specific purpose due to the cork in the bottom. I just love their shape.