Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Scream

(The perfect afternoon delight for me.)

This is where I ended up yesterday as I strolled around a small portion of Andersonville. If you are coming to visit Chicago you should check out this neighborhood which has some great restaurants, and shopping .
I saw this sign and had to stop in and see what was inside.
This is George's. It is a relatively new addition to Andersonville.

It is a fairly large space with a nice modern decor. I like the cute mural near the front entrance.

The best thing about this place is that it has almost everything I could want during a shopping outing under one roof.

First, there is the ice cream counter. I should have looked closer, because they do have soy ice cream. I could have indulged if I so desired. I guess I will have to go back soon.

The next section has the pastry case. They had such a great variety. You could have a simple cupcake or bar (I had the lemon bar) or you could indulge in one of their specialty pastries which looked both beautiful and tasty.
The last part of the counter toward the back of the space is where you can order sandwiches, crepes (oh, they have Nutella crepes), and coffee.

I think that this place has the perfect combination. You can spend a little money or indulge. You can have a simple baked good or an exquisite pastry. The kids can have ice cream or a cupcake. The choices are endless. I was so glad to have wandered in here yesterday.

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