Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recycling...the horror of it all

I am going to start off easy with this story because I do not want to jump right into the horror of it all. I found this very cute bird lamp several weeks ago and have not been able to list it for sale because I cannot find the right sized box to fit the lamp as well as the shade. The other morning I was walking the beast and I noticed a box that would be the perfect size. It was in a recycling pile in an alley across the street. I grabbed the box and brought it home. I only quickly glanced inside to see one of those domed display stands. NO problem. I would just dispose of it when I got home, or perhaps use it in another project.
It is once I brought it home and opened the box to display the contents that the horror began.

Are you feeling a bit queasy yet?

This is what the completely bubbled item looked like.

Are you ready?

Yes, it was a very detailed bridal Barbie wedding cake topper. That is hardened frosting you are looking at above.
If that were not horrific enough, she is also topless...and SMILING!!!

Please excuse me while I go and self-medicate.


ai said...

omg, her smile...and everything else!!!

what are the chances of picking up THAT of all things!?!

lucky you, haha. :-)

pupule said...

Ai: I think I have developed a nervous tick from the whole experience.