Thursday, July 30, 2009


I do not know if I have ever mentioned that I am a Spinning instructor. I teach two early morning classes a week. As you know, I am also a baker. Luckily, the people who attend my class would not have their eating habits thrown off track by my baking. Yes, that is right. Once it gets cool I tend to bring small baked treats for my attendees. Not every week, but every once in awhile. I tell them that they deserve a treat but I do not leave it out in plain sight. (No need to tempt those who do not want it) So, if they decide that they want to indulge a little they can come up after class and I will give it to them. All of this takes an abrupt stop once it heats up. Or, I will bring something cool, like yogurt. Well, I had this little idea the other day and decided to try and create something bite sized and cold for a summer treat. This is what I came up with.
First, I sliced up a couple of bananas.

Then I made the correct size hole in the center of each banana piece with a straw. (OK, this step took me about a minute to figure out because I split two of the pieces due to the force of the biscuit.)

Now you have some nice banana pieces with holes.

I then took some cookie biscuit sticks that I found at the store and inserted them as handles. I broke these particular sticks in half because the banana pieces were not very large. If I had larger banana pieces I probably would have left the sticks whole.
Mmm. Melt some chocolate. I used some dark chocolate for these.

Dip your lollipop.

Get the stick a little, too.

That was it. I rolled some in chopped peanuts and left some plain. I stuck them in the freezer where they are currently transforming into mini frozen banana sticks. Easy, huh?


ai said...

easy and a great idea.
do you kind of have to suck the straw to make holes?

pupule said...

hi ai:
the banana actually got stuck in the straw when i would pull it out so i would have to blow into the straw to remove the piece that was stuck in there.

ai said...

this conversation is quite funny, arawa.