Monday, August 03, 2009

Skeletons in my closet - Music

This weekend I was over at my Mom's house digging through some boxes in the basement. I only know that the boxes contain some of my possessions, I have no idea what each box contains. Another family member was the one who threw all of my stuff haphazardly into these boxes and then placed them in the cold, dark basement. (No, really, I'm not bitter.) I started to find some interesting stuff. Some of it really good. Some of it just amusing. A lot of it junk now. Anyway, I was able to find one box of my old albums. Not the ones I was looking for. I am still in search of my Jackson 5 albums. I have decided to add another category to my posts. They will be categorized as "Skeletons in my closet" because some of it ain't pretty. I offer you the above. That's right, Haysi Fantayzee. I do not even recall purchasing this much less listening to it.

Oh, I do remember the Go-Go's.

Thompson Twins anyone?

Echo and the Bunnymen. I think this is the only album I purchased of theirs.
Lest you think I have no musical taste at all, there was some decent vinyl in there as well. A lot of old Stevie Wonder albums among them.
Oh, I think I wore out the grooves in this from overplaying it. Deborah Harry. Why couldn't I have cool hair like that?

There was also some good jazz in there.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. I am sure I will have many more humorous items to share in the future.

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