Thursday, August 06, 2009

I bow down

I bow down to all gnocchi makers out there. I am not sure why, but I got the bright idea that I wanted to make some homemade gnocchi. I saw a recipe online and decided to try it. It looked simple enough.
Boil some potatoes. Mash those potatoes.

Add some beaten egg.

Some flour...and voila. You have your dough.

This is where it wasn't so simple for me. I had the worst time trying to shape my gnocchi. They were coming out all wrong. I blame the fact that I did not have Andy Garcia standing over me moving my hands in order to show me how to properly form gnocchi. :) These are the first pieces. All wrong!

As I got further into the batch they slightly improved. I am planning on having these with garlic stem pesto that I made. Let's hope they taste better than they look.


ai said...

it's not bad-looking at all. how was it!?

are you sure your pick is andy garcia? let's see, who would i pick? this is actually going to be a great thought to go to bed with!

pupule said...

Hi Ai:
It was not as good as I would have liked so I will have to try another recipe. I made the comment about Andy Garcia because there was a sexy yet disturbing scene in Godfather 3 when he taught Sofia Coppola how to properly form gnocchi. That movie also reminds us of how lucky we are that Sofia found her true calling and moved from the front of the camera to running things behind it.