Friday, August 07, 2009

Mmm. Have a good weekend

I am finding that the peaches have been really sweet this summer. Can't you just smell them from the picture alone?
I was inspired by Angry Chicken to make this Stone Fruit Teacake. The recipe is from the book Rustic Fruit Desserts. I ad to act fast because the peaches were getting ripe and we are expecting record heat this weekend. Early this morning after my run I stuck this in the oven and here is what emerged.

You have to try this. It is really good.

I am hoping to go and see "Julie and Julia". I plan on sneaking this in as my movie snack. Really, popcorn just won't do while watching a movie like that.
Have a great weekend!
UPDATE - I just got back from seeing "Julie & Julia". You should go and see it! It was thoroughly entertaining. I do not consider myself to be an overly romantic person, but she and her husband had the most lovely relationship. It was so touching.


ai said...

what a happy coincidence. i also posted pictures of peaches today. i could give you all my peaches if you could bake this cake for me. seriously.

pupule said...

you know i would gladly bake it for you.