Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bounty part II

These pictures from the farmer's market this past weekend are for Ai. I could not believe the amount of incredible color there was. Some of it I had never seen before. I was also amazed the enormity of some of the bounty.

Look at the bright rainbow of these chard. I am a sucker for anything visually interesting so I came home with a bunch of these.

The bright red chard was tempting as well. Maybe next week.

Beans, beans, beans.

I am not necessarily a fan of beets, but I might be tempted to try these beautiful golden beets.

I wish I had included something else in this photo of the cabbage heads for scale. You would not believe how huge they were.

Bitter melon.
So many varieties of apples to choose from. I chose honeycrisp, of course.


ai said...

fresh and colorful. how do you eat chard?

pupule said...

you can steam it, stir_fry it, wilt it in olive oil and garlic.