Thursday, October 15, 2009

Much more than a scarf

I admit that sometimes I am not the most thorough shopper. Upon occasion I just grab something because it looks shiny. That is what happened with the lovely orange scarf above. I grabbed it because I thought it would be a colorful warm addition to my wardrobe. (After the weather we had this weekend it will be called into action soon.) Sometimes, when you do not look at something carefully you get a not-so-happy surprise when you get home. (A small stain, missing button, etc.) Luckily, this was a happy surprise. The way that it was tagged and hung in the store it just looked like a lovely orange scarf. When I got it home, removed the tag and started to look at it I noticed that it was not unrolling the way a long scarf should. What the...? It was more fabulous than I knew. It is actually a hooded scarf. It looks warm and cozy, doesn't it? Great for tackling those Chicago winters in a fashionable way.

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