Tuesday, October 06, 2009

On fire


Quite some time ago I noticed these cool vintage Dansk pepper mills in a display in House Beautiful. I had no idea they were pepper and salt mills. I thought they were interesting wood sculptures. When I read what they were I was searching the Internet in no time. Unfortunately, I discovered that they were more than I could justify paying for a pepper mill. The prices began in the neighborhood of $150 or more which is nowhere near my 'hood. So, I made a note and posted it in the back of my mind. Saturday I was at a faraway thrift store when there it was among the pots, pans and discarded Brita pitchers of the world. Ninety-five cents.

Now if I can only find some more.


Christina @ Pardon my Vintage said...

Wow, you really are on fire! Your finds always leave me gobsmacked, but with a renewed hope that good deals are still out there. :)

pupule said...

I try to believe that there is always that special deal waiting to be discovered by each of us!

ai said...

what does it take to get as good and sharp as you? it looks darn good.