Monday, November 02, 2009

Bake off!

We may not want to admit it, but preparation for the holiday season is upon us. I decided to call together a meeting of our Christmas Cookie Exchange group and have a test kitchen coffee meeting. We were to use the opportunity to try out any new recipes we were considering using in our holiday exchange. I had to narrow down my list because I have an awfully big collection of recipes I want to try. Here is what I brought to the meeting for critique.

L to R: Almond Brickle Cookie, Toblerone Shortbread Cookie

Counter clockwise from top left: Special K Bars (via Super Eggplant), Chocolate Pecan Pie bars, Homemade Thin Mint Cookies

I cannot believe I am already baking holiday cookies again.


ai said...

Christmas Cookie Exchange Group!? You guys are dead serious about holiday baking, huh? And those goodies, my gods. I read the cookie names twice and couldn't decide which one I would go first. They all look good.

pupule said...

I dunno. Their cookies were much better than mine. I was just trying out some new easy recipes. One member made these chocolate sandwich cookies that she filled with a truffle cream center and she used Vosges chocolate in it. The other made cookies that were similar to Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, but better. I am going to have to step it up before Christmas!