Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Last weekend I decided to take a walk around my 'hood and check out the Halloween decorations. I forgot how much fun it was to see how each house was decorated for the holiday. Now that I am old and cannot go trick or treating I do not get a chance to see what each house has done. This was the perfect cover. It was sunny out and I took the 4 legs with me. I simply appeared to be an innocent person walking their dog (with a camera in their pocket) on a Sunday afternoon instead of some stalker gawker taking pictures of your house for no reason. I also wanted to post a few pictures for those who might live in other countries and do not get to see what Halloween decorations look like in the U.S.

It can be as simple as placing a pumpkin on your front porch. The cat is just an added bonus. Our cover was almost blown here, but the cat did not move an inch. I know that the boy likes cats, I was not so sure about the cat liking the boy.
Or a ghost hanging from the rafters. A closer shot would have been nicer, but an adult (me) walking up onto your porch uninvited and taking pictures is just plain creepy.

I think the age of the children living in the house also dictates the type of decorations that are used.
These are pretty young children that live here.

BIG spiders seemed to be very popular.

So are skeletons. They are on the doors (first pic). In the yard.

In the fence...
And on the porch.

This large spider was out on the porch.

It had a little (HUGE) friend out on the front tree.

Happy Halloween to everyone!

I hope some of you received the treats I sent earlier in the week.


ai said...

Awesome post! I love the skeleton on the porch and the cat that does not move. Chicago looks cold already.

pupule said...

Thanks. Happy Halloween! The weather has been so weird. It has been pretty cold at times and then sunny and near 70 degrees. It was actually warm on the day I took these pictures.