Saturday, November 07, 2009

Master Stroke

Today there were demonstrations by various visiting artists from the People's Republic of China. The demonstrations were in painting, calligraphy, kite making, and paper cutting. I saw the painting and the kite making. Please excuse the darkness of the pics. There were so many flashes going off that I thought it was sort of rude and distracting. It was a small room and there were lots of blue hairs that had to be seated in the very front so I was relegated in the back behind them and their big blue heads.
Both of the master painters began with black scrolls. I was amazed at the absolute accuracy of their stroke. There were no superfluous marks on the paper. Every one had purpose and meaning. It was so interesting to watch the image unfold right before you.

These few strokes became....

this panda in the bamboo.

This was the second master painter (center), The man standing to the left with the paper is the interpreter. We actually came halfway through his presentation.

So we missed when he painted this one.

We did see this one from beginning to end. I wish I had the free flowing ability to paint something as easily as they did.
The kite maker was the only other demonstration I saw. He did not demonstrate but gave a short lecture and showed some of his kites. They were exquisite. They were constructed of bamboo and silk fabric. They take him a very long time to make so therefor he did not demonstrate the actual technique. I really wanted to stay for the paper cutting, but that was not until the very end.

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