Monday, February 22, 2010


With the new year I have recently been trying out new recipes for some traditional dishes. I experimented with some dim sum dishes last week. This week I decided to go for the baked goods. I try not to indulge in baked goods when I frequent Chinatown, but when I do I usually get red bean or coconut buns. I have been baking for a pretty long time, but bread has always been a problem for me. I just never seem to get it right. I do not think it is with the kneading, I think it has something to do with the proofing. So, when I saw that the recipe for these coconut buns required making a bread dough I was a bit wary. But really, what did I have to lose? (Other than a few pounds) I want to learn how to make some Chinese baked goods and this would be a good first lesson.

I learned something new. I had no idea that you could proof your dough overnight in the refrigerator instead of the oven proofing method which is what I was familiar with. I like this because it breaks up the time required for preparing your dough. I made it before bed and popped it into the fridge. This is the basic bun dough after being proofed. It seemed to work out great.

This is the finished coconut filling. So easy.

The filled buns now ready for their second rise.

When they were ready I added the red dot. The recipe did not call for this, but how can you have a baked bun without a red dot?

The finished product.

Yes, they are very tasty and I am patting myself on the back for successfully baking a bread dough.

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ai said...

They do look so yummy, Arawa. I would pat you on the shoulder, too! Great job. Now move on to red bean jam!