Monday, May 10, 2010

As mentioned before, rummage sale season has started up again and the pickings are kind of slim. I should not complain. At least I have found some interesting stuff. Besides, I am busy purging and cleaning my living space. I really do not need to start bringing anything back in. I bought this wooden container because the shape reminded me of a mushroom. It wasn't this shiny when I bought it. I used some wood oil on it and now it almost shines too much.

This is very small flatware. At first I only found the forks and spoons, but I was able to find the knives among some others. I bought them just because I really liked the design of them. They looked almost like children's flatware. I did not see the Air France on the handles. Hey, it was a dark room in the basement of the church. Anyway, I did a little research and it turns out that these particular pieces are rather collectible. They were designed in 1965 by Raymond Loewy for Air France for use on the Concorde. Who knew? Obviously, not me.

I also bought these Fleetwood steak knives. Again, because I love the design of them. That was pretty much it. I have another this week and then there is a dry spell until mid-June. After that, I shall have to wait until fall. Maybe by then I will have an almost minimalist bare home. Somehow, I doubt that.
For those of you who watched SNL this weekend, I used to want to grow up and be Annie Lennox. Now I want to grow up and be Betty White.

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ai said...

I like those a lot, too. I also have too much cutlery.