Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Clearance Flowers

Have you ever wondered about the flowers stuck in a bucket next to the bargain produce at the grocery store? You know, the ones lumped in with the overripe mangoes and tomatoes? Me, too. There was a big bucket of these "bouquets" at the store the other day. Each bunch was made up of three types of flowers. They were originally $9.99 and they were now $2.99. Worth an experiment, right? I looked them over and tried to pick out the bunch that looked the least dead.
I brought them home, cut them, put them in some treated water and waited to see what would happen. This is what they looked like the next day.

These opened up pretty well.

These seem to be getting a little happier.

These have been the slowest to "revive". I will see if they improve. Either way, it was not too bad for 3 bucks.

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